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about marianne buelens

interior design
Marianne Buelens offers a full-service interior design. We design residential projects, offices and retail spaces. All our projects are handled individually and personally. We start with ideas and moodboards, these will evolve into a personal design, with specific construction plans. We'll make sure everything runs smoothly, from design until the end of construction. 

​​The Studio is founded by Marianne Buelens in 2020.She obtained a Master’s Degree in Interior Design at the University of Antwerp.​furniture design​any furniture can be designed. made to fit into your interior. 

home staging 
​We offer a full service to stage your home. whether you want to rent it out, or sell the home. studies show that a staged homes adds up to 30% to the value of your home. all furniture are real, no use of cardboard.  

You want to do it yourself but need help?​ We offer a service, where we pass by your home. We'll give some tips & tricks + we'll make you a shopping list. this way you can start working on your own home, with the needed tools to create some cosiness and warmth.  

​let's meet soon! 
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